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  During the mass move, much of the violence was enacted on women. Mass rape and murder occurred. Women were sometimes killed by their own families in order to protect them from being traumatically raped or murdered by the hands of another. Others were left behind, gambled for the protection of the rest of the family. Most were subjected to violence from men of other religions. In the move, mass amounts of women were abducted and forced into marriage and conversion of religion. There were no restrictions in which women were being prevented from having their bodies become a part of the conflict. It was Sikhs versus Muslims, Muslims versus Hindus, and Hindus versus Sikhs.
Train to Pakistan

"India cannot be assumed today to be Unitarian and homogeneous nation, but on the contrary there are two nations in the main — the Hindus and the Muslims. "
-Veer Savarkar at at the 19th session of the Hindu Mahasabha held at Ahmedabad 1937

[V.D.Savarkar, Samagra Savarkar Wangmaya Vol VI, Maharashtra 1963, p 296]
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